The Central Band of the RAF will give the world premiere of Mark's 'Transmissions' in London this May. Transmissions was commissioned by Wing Commander Piers Morrell to mark the centenary of the first RAF broadcast on BBC Radio. The inaugural broadcast was heard on 2LO London in September 1923 and featured a programme of music by Elgar (Wand of Youth), Suppè (Poet and Peasant) and Saint-Saëns (Samson and Delilah), who's music has been quoted and alluded to within Transmissions. Marks states that he has "tried to pay homage to the broadcasting heritage of the ensemble, whilst also including modern elements within a fresh piece of repertoire for the future". The premiere performance will take place at Regent Hall, London on 26/05/23 with further performances in Autumn 2023 TBC.